Aiming for better oral health this 2020 is a great leap, especially if you have bad habits to break. Through proper dedication, you’re going to be successful but you also need concrete, workable strategies.

Worry no more – listed below are some effective dental habits that will maximize your oral health in 2020 and beyond.

Dental Habits Primer: Efficient Brushing

Brushing your teeth is a daily habit that needs to be inspected. Are you doing it right? Are you using the best toothbrush? Is your toothpaste reliable enough for continuous usage? These are just some of the questions related to brushing. To get the right answers, always ask your dentist. Through experiential insight, the dentist will offer his/her brushing advice. Remember that efficient brushing is not just concerned with frequency – you need to do it right all the time.

As a rule of thumb, you should spend up to 3 minutes brushing your teeth. Try to get all areas cleaned, including your tongue. And after every meal, don’t brush right away! Wait for up to 30 minutes or rinse with water. This will allow the acids to settle for a while instead of reacting with toothpaste ingredients.

Daily Floss With the Right Technique

Flossing is the almost unnoticeable ‘brother’ of brushing. Many people are simply focused on brushing because they don’t have enough time. Don’t be like them – flossing will only take a few minutes, though it can be tricky.

If you’re going to spend a few minutes flossing, you have to do it right. This means that you need to reach specific angles with the best floss string. Nowadays, you can buy commercial water flossers that rely on automation. These flossers are more expensive that string products but they offer 100% convenience. Getting the flossing technique correctly will take practice, and you should also ask for your dentist’s advice.

Proper Eating Discipline

In terms of oral health, people believe that the solution is to brush as consistent as possible. While that’s correct, you also need to observe what you’re eating. Consistent brushing is almost useless if you eat sweets and processed foods all day.

Limit your sweets intake and avoid sugary drinks whenever possible. Sodas and sugary drinks are sugar bombs that won’t do anything good for your oral health. Also, lay back on the meats if you’re a passionate meat eater. Meats will lead to greater plaque and tartar buildup. If you’re disciplined with your eating habits, your oral health will definitely improve.

Proactive Oral Health Monitoring

If you’re serious about aiming for an improved oral health, you need a personal monitoring system. This can be a small journal, a collection of notes, a digital reminder, or a mental pattern to remind you when to brush and floss. More importantly, the monitoring system will help you remember checkup schedules. Do this monitoring process efficiently and you will have remarkable progress within the year.

Consistent Dental Checkups

The road to better oral health is affected by your level of consistency. If you’re keen on having consistent yearly checkups, you will gain the proper guidance of your dentist. Don’t wing it out alone because you can always benefit from professional feedback. It’s advisable to have at least twice dental checkup schedules per year.

Are you having budget problems related to checkups? In that case, you should try getting a customized dental plan. Most clinics will allow you to get this plan, and you’re free to make specific adjustments based on your needs.

Final Thoughts on Dental Habits

Applying the discussed dental habits will create a positive impact to your life. But you should keep in mind that time plays a major factor in your desire to change. If the path becomes difficult, don’t be too hard on yourself – you will make enough progress soon.

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