Time is an uncontrollable factor that will affect our teeth. As the years go by, the damage will set in – such as broken teeth, decay, tenderness, and deep infection. Oral maintenance can go a long way but a preventative solution is needed sometimes. Root canal is one of the common procedures requested by patients in dental clinics.

The Importance of Root Canals

Dental pulp infection can lead to many things like deep pain, gum tenderness, teeth destruction, and bad oral health. The combination of these painful factors will affect the quality of your life greatly. Just imagine not being able to eat the foods that you love. Additionally, pain and discomfort will sap your focus, and you may need to rely on painkillers or other substances.

A root canal procedure is a simple solution that can bring the ‘years’ back to your teeth. It will restore your bite function, improve your tooth’s appearance, and even correct some alignment issues. The procedure is straightforward and the dentist can even fix multiple teeth in a single session. After the procedure, you’re expected to return for followup checkups.

Should You Get A Root Canal Now? 

Practically, you should get a root canal if you think that your tooth infection has worsened. Don’t wait for the pain or discomfort to become more unbearable. Once you’ve scheduled a proper appointment with a dental office, the dentist will run a thorough medical check. You should discuss your anxiety (if you have one) with the dentist if you prefer sedation.

Anxiety is common among new root canal patients. Well, the statement applies to other dental treatments as well. This is because of general misconceptions among dentists, dental instruments, and medical factors. If you’re afraid, just take a deep breath and prepare your mind. Prior to the treatment, you can read a book or chat with your companion in order to feel relaxed. You will even win half the battle if you follow a referral for a remarkable dentist. So, don’t hesitate to ask your friends if they know a trusted professional.

What to Do After The Root Canal Procedure?

Once you’ve had a root canal treatment, you will definitely feel pain and sensitivity – at least for a few days or so. Over-the-counter medicines are used to control pain or any form of discomfort. Don’t just wing it out on your own, in regards to pain medication. Follow your dentist’s recommendations to avoid any problems.

After the root canal procedure, you should help your body recover by eating the right foods. Tone down your party attendance and always think about the safety of your teeth.

These are some additional aftercare habits that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Buy a new softer toothbrush; electric brushes are advisable
  • Invest in water flossers – they’re easier to use (also known as dental irrigators)
  • Avoid using commercial mouthwash; if needed, follow your dentist’s brand recommendation
  • Use natural home remedies for discomfort management
  • Natural foods only – let go of processed foods!
  • If there’s bleeding or excruciating pain, contact your dentist right away


Are you ready to get a root canal procedure? By all means, do it as soon as you can! If cost is a problem, you can always discuss insurance coverage with your dentist. Every dental office allows root canal coverage but there could be some variations. You just need to ask.

Here at Boeriu Implant Dentistry, we want you to have remarkable root canal outcome. Contact us today for an appointment or consultation!