Dental Warranty

Boeriu Implant Dentistry Offers 5 Year Dental Warranty

Dr. Boeriu & Associates would like you to enjoy optimal dental health for life.

Our long term goal is to provide outstanding dental services and to help our patients improve and maintain their oral health. With an ongoing home care of their teeth and gums, attending regular check-ups and keeping a continuing care hygiene therapy our patients will enjoy a continuous dental health.

Dental Warranty - Boeiru Implant Dentistry - Your Kitchener Dentist and Dental Office

Individual dental needs require personalized care and we are happy to provide you with a 5 year dental warranty, a protection that is meant to help you in preserving your dental health and protect your investment.

Dr. Boeriu & Associates warrants these dental procedures for five years.  We will repair or replace them at no charge to you if they break, are fractured, or deteriorate with normal use.  Our patients must keep their regular scheduled dental and hygiene appointments with our dental office in Kitchener during the term of this warranty period or this warranty shall be void.

This warranty is our commitment to our patients and we would like to welcome any suggestions that can help us improve our services