Do you feel panicky every time you hear the word ‘dentist’ in daily conversations? Or perhaps you feel unsafe around dental clinics and dental tools? If you answered yes to both questions, then you have a case of dental fear. Such fear is manageable, but it has become a significant issue among thousands of people around the world. Dental fear or anxiety leads to a cycle of poor oral health, teeth pain, and expensive dental surgeries that could’ve been avoided.

If you want to overcome your dental fear once and for all, you can check out these modern tips:

Know, Understand, and Accept Your Dental Fear

You don’t need to be an expert to understand your dental fear. The first thing you have to do is to feel the layers of this fear. Let it permeate your reality and let it scare you. Once you’re scared, you need to ‘mentally grasp’ the fear and scrutinize it. Did your fear stem from a childhood memory gone wrong? Were you bullied or made to believe that dentists are scary? Or were you influenced by a television show which painted dentists in the wrong way? These are the best starter questions for knowing your fear. Finding the answers to these questions is the necessary first step.

After knowing the focal points of your dental fear, slowly move on towards acceptance. Accept your limitations and the fact that you have to live with this fear. Then combine it with proper research. Understand the implications of dental procedures and effective dental care. This is a difficult phase because your fear will continue to drag you down. Be patient – your dental anxiety barrier will get smaller over time.

Personal journaling is a useful habit that can help you strip the curtains of fear. Every day, try to write down how the concept of dentistry made you feel. Sooner or later, you will have a Eureka Moment, and you’d find it easier to step inside a dental clinic.

Consult Your Dentist – Always

When it comes to dental fear, the best professional that you should approach is none other than the dentist. Practically, the dentist knows everything about dental fear. He or she will provide valuable pieces of advice on overcoming dental fear and promoting effective oral care. Consulting your dentist is ultimately better than just reading a bunch of articles online. Once you’ve visited your dentist, you should exercise 100% honesty. If you’re honest, the dentist can give accurate, goal-driven advice that will benefit you for the coming years. Additionally, the dentist can assess your dental habits and suggest improvements along the way. You even need the advice of the dentist before picking any dental procedure.

If you have health problems like diabetes or periodontitis, dental consultations are a real necessity. Through consultations, the dentist will advise you to control your current health problems.

Positivity Wins Against Dental Fear

You probably heard countless pieces of advice related to positivity. If you have a positive mindset, you will become more effective in life. The same notion can be applied to dental fear. You’re afraid of the dentist because of childhood trauma and bad memories. While positivity is not a direct solution to dental anxiety, it can help a lot.

Take note of these important positivity actions:

  • Daily gratitude
  • Being more appreciative of your dentist
  • Talking to friends and family
  • Reading positive & empowering materials
  • Listening to health-positive podcasts

Fear management also benefits from creating the right imagery. It’s somehow difficult, but you need to bear in mind that nothing worse can happen during a dental procedure. Your dentist knows how to practice the right safety standards. If you’re afraid of the pain, the dentist will prescribe some OTC painkillers.

Set Your Priorities Straight

Setting the groundwork of your priorities can help you win against dental anxiety. You can consider this groundwork as your navigation path. Some priorities that you should take note are better-looking teeth, effective oral care, better gum conditions, stronger bite, and infection prevention.

You can also manage your expectations by setting priorities. Perhaps you don’t need dental veneers right now. Or you can benefit from a teeth extraction procedure.


Overcoming dental fear is not like a casual walk in the park. You don’t need to rush – take everything slow and apply all the valuable tips that you can find. The tips presented in this article will help you get started. You should also understand the whole process, and don’t panic!

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