Loosing teeth can happen due to an accident, a failed root canal treatment or due to an infection.

It’s a fact, most of us will loose one ore more teeth during our adult lifetime. This will affect the way we can chew food, our appearance, and most importantly, our overall health.

Sometimes we may think that a missing tooth is not going to make too much of a difference in our life. Unfortunately, not replacing a missing tooth can cause, in the long term, serious health problems. Not being able to chew food properly, especially with our hectic life style, can result in many other medical conditions like digestive problems, stress, depression, etc.

The Need for Teeth Replacement

A missing tooth can change our appearance and make us look older. The jaw needs the tooth root to stay strong and healthy. The place where the root is missing will become weaker due to bone loss. In the same time the adjacent teeth can shift and move towards the gap and this will affect the normal functionality of the natural bite.

There are several options to solve this problem and one of the best ways is to have a porcelain bridge/crown installed on top of dental implants. The actual dental implant is a replacement of the missing root, and this can be done without affecting other healthy teeth like when a traditional bridge is used.

By filling the gaps with porcelain crowns or bridges placed on dental implants, the complete functionality will be restored. The artificial teeth will look and work the same way as natural ones enabling you to chew and speak comfortably, as well as preserve your appearance. This is a non removable option that will look and act like natural teeth without anyaesthetic compromise.

Even though the artificial teeth won’t decay they will need a regular care. Daily hygiene, twice a day brushing and flossing, as well as regular check-ups and dental cleaning will keep those implants in great condition and will prevent other unwanted changes to your dental health.

Get A Teeth Replacement Procedure Today!

Dr. Boeriu has extensive experience and training and is dedicated to dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. At our dental office we design and execute to the finest details the teeth replacements so they will match perfectly the natural ones.

Dental implants can be a great treatment alternative with a very high success rate. They can be a great value for your investment and, with proper maintenance they can last a lifetime.

If you are dealing with problems due to missing teeth we encourage you to contact us and we will look into the best options available.

To learn more about what we can offer to help you replace your missing teeth please contact our office and our office manager will be pleased to answer all the questions you might have.