We put in a lot of effort to care for ourselves and do a lot of things to keep our body in shape and in good health. From keeping the skin moisturized to using the best skin care creams, our body care routine plays a crucial role in our overall health.

Although dental hygiene is often ignored as an essential part of maintaining a healthy living, it is a critical aspect of our life worth paying attention to.

That’s why, as a team of dentists in Kitchener – we are here to share with you everything you should know about maintaining proper dental hygiene.

From planning an effective daily dental care routine to fun dental hygiene facts, we are happy to share with you how your daily dental habits can positively affect your smile and your overall health.

What does proper dental hygiene entail?

Want to maintain your health for years to come? And your smile too? It’s time to include dental hygiene into your daily routine. But what should be considered a proper dental hygiene routine?


To maintain proper dental hygiene, we recommend using a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth at least twice every day. We also suggest using fluoride toothpaste when brushing. Be sure to reach all corners of the tongue, teeth, and gums.


Just as brushing is important, so is flossing. While it may be a bit difficult at first, flossing between the spaces of your teeth before brushing will take off particles that get stuck on these difficult-to-reach areas of your teeth.


Mouthwash plays a crucial role in your oral health. It reduces the acid content in the mouth, cleans difficult-to-reach surfaces of the teeth and gums, and refreshes the mouth.

If you don’t know which mouthwash to buy, you can ask our dentist to recommend the right mouthwash for your dental needs.

Healthy Diet

Obviously, what you eat also influences your oral health. Foods that contain a high level of acid and sugar or those that stain the teeth can affect your oral health if not properly taken care of.

Consume every food moderately, and make sure you drink plenty of water. We also recommend reducing your sugar intake.

Frequent checkups

Most people believe that checkups are only for issues and ailments. But, checkups should be a regular part of your regular oral care routine as they keep you abreast about your dental health. To maintain optimal oral health, we recommend that you have a dental checkup at least every six months.

Fun facts about Dental Hygiene

Putting a cap in your toothbrush can threaten your oral health

Many people think that by putting a cap over their toothbrush head, they are preventing bacteria from entering their toothbrushes. Although this might be true, the fact is, putting a cap on your toothbrush itself can pose a threat to your oral health.

The cap on your toothbrush can capture moisture and create an environment for bacteria to thrive. Therefore, allow your toothbrush to air out.

Those who drink three glasses of soda daily experience more tooth decay

According to an article on HealthLine, soda can be more detrimental to your teeth than you ever realize.

People who drink three glasses of soda daily experience more tooth decay and tooth loss than people who do not.

While moderation is the best remedy, be sure to drink through a straw- plus rinse and have your teeth brushed immediately after taking sugar-based beverages to prevent tooth damage.

The mouth constitutes over 300 different bacteria species

Ever felt that fuzzy, dirty mucor in your teeth after waking up? That’s a plaque, which is a collection of different species of bacteria that forms naturally on the teeth. These bacteria include those that feed on sugar to form acid as a waste product that is felt in the mouth.

How do I know if my dental hygiene efforts are good enough?

It can be difficult to know if you’re doing enough for your dental hygiene. We recommend visiting our dental office for a regular checkup at least every 6 months.

A dentist will be able to measure your dental efforts and know if you’re doing enough to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

However, you can experience some warning signs of an impending oral health problem. The first obvious sign is a stinky bad breath, also called halitosis.

Furthermore, something might be wrong if you notice pain in your teeth or gums.

Looking to take more steps towards improving your oral health? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.