Why Wisdom Teeth Can Be a Problem

Wisdom teeth are our third molars. For some people they can become quite problematic by potentially causing discomfort and pain, damage to other teeth, and even infection. In many situations, they may need to be removed (extracted).

Professional Dental Cleaning, what is it and why do I need it?

Professional dental cleaning is a very important part of maintaining good oral health and a beautiful smile. It is a crucial part of preventing and treating gum disease and reducing cavities.

Top 5 Reasons Why you May be Having a Toothache

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing a toothache. The treatment option is based on the cause and if delayed may result in a much worse situation.

Mouth guards – Protecting Your Teeth From Physical Damage

Sports mouth guards should be an essential piece of athletic equipment. If made properly they should minimize the risk of sports related injuries to your teeth and mouth.

Why Digital Dental X-Ray is the Safer Choice

Digital dental x-ray is now the safer choice for radio imaging due to its lesser radiation dosage. It’s faster too. Sorin Boeriu DDS is here if you need one, and we even offer valuable advice!

How to Maintain Dental Hygiene – Expert Advice from Kitchener Dentist

Dental hygiene is a critical aspect of healthy living that is often ignored by many. Your oral health provides more clues about your overall health. That's why you should start taking your oral health more seriously.

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