How much time do we spend flossing? Do we just brush our teeth and forget about flossing all together?

Removing plaque from our teeth can be done by flossing, even more effectively than brushing. No matter how well and long we brush and how modern and new our tooth brush is it cannot remove all the debris in between the teeth and under the gum line.

Not flossing means that we don’t clean almost 30% of each tooth, leaving room for bacteria to attack our gums and teeth.

Take an 15-18 inch piece of floss and wind the most of it around the middle finger. Wind the reminder of the floss around the middle finger of your other hand.  As the floss becomes soiled this finger will take up the floss as we use it.

Get the floss between the teeth with your index finger and thumbs, wipe each tooth from base to tip two to three times. Floss every tooth, you’ll be amazed how much the tooth brush has missed!

Spend a couple minutes flossing at least once a day. Do a light brush with the tooth brush after flossing.  It will make flossing more effective.

Dental floss comes in wide variety.  There is lots to pic from. Waxed or not waxed, with flavor or without.

People with bridge work should use dental floss regularly to remove debris hidden under the dental bridge areas.

Flossing is a powerful weapon in fighting plaque and prevent gum disease.