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Discount for senior patients.

For older adults, maintaining good dental health is essential. Neglecting minor dental treatments could lead to more serious health problems down the road.

As the cost of living continues to increase, we understand that seniors or older adults may have difficulty financing affordable dental care.

We are committed to improving and maintaining the dental health of our young-at-heart (aged 60 plus) patients. This is why we are pleased to offer all seniors 10% off dentistry services.

For seniors without dental insurance we offer a 20% discount.

If you or your family members are 60 plus, take advantage of our special offer!


What is a dental implant?

How are dental implants placed?

What is osseointegration?

Benefits of dental implants.

Healing and treatment care. 

Preliminary examination. 

Are dental implants right for me?

How to care for my new implants?


Take advantage of your benefits before they expire!

Are you putting off dental treatment because of financial concerns? You will be pleased to know that at Dr. Boeriu & Associates we offer a very unique 0% Interest Payment Plan that hundreds of our patients are taking advantage of!

Our 0% Interest Payment Plan allows you to spread out the cost of your dental treatment over a 12 to 14 month period interest-free, instead of paying a large sum all at once. You can afford the healthy smile you need now while comfortably paying for your treatment in small, monthly payments that fit your budget.


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